One of the greatest jobs of a leader is to take the people they represent to the place they need to be.  Alma Francis Heyliger strives every day to be that leader that the People of the Virgin Islands can depend on.  As her moto says…”Leadership with Vision for the Future,”  Alma is determined to use her talents to be the best representative these Islands has ever seen. 

Born on the island of St. Thomas, USVI on October 12, 1973, Alma enjoyed a childhood where she was allowed to express who she was in a productive way.

A Love for Education

Throughout her educational process which began at Wesleyan Academy and continued to her graduation from Charlotte Amalie High School in 1991, Alma’s interest in many things began to surface.

At the top of this list was all things creative.  If Alma could think it, she figured out a way to make it, build it or do it.   Something, which at times, drove her parents crazy.


In 1992 during her Freshman year at the University of the Virgin Islands, Alma’s life came to a sketching halt when her mother, Tortola-born, Leeann Rabsatt Francis was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross the street inside a crosswalk.  The trauma to her body along with the consequent development of Cancer, took Alma’s mother away on January 3, 1993.   In 1994, on year after her mother’s death, Alma’s Father, St. Kitts-born barber Denzil” Frank” Francis-Defreitas, also died of cancer.

Thus accepting the cards life had dealt her and fuel by the knowledge that no one knows when they will depart from this earth, Alma has dedicated her life to accomplishing all that she sets her mind to do.

We spend so much time Rationalizing Mediocrity…We’ve Forgotten what Greatness looks like!

Career Success

To list a few of these accomplishments, Alma Francis Heyliger is the author of “Fallen Petals of the Orion” a fictitious story that details the lives of 6 young individuals trying to survive against all odds. She is also currently working on her second novel entitled “Woman Hold your Head and Cry” a biographical chronicle of mothers who experience great loss due to the murder of their African American sons.

Alma Francis Heyliger has attended the Church of God of Prophecy since she was born.  She is an inventor with two pending patents. The owner of Vital Business Solutions, LLC (VBS), an all-purpose service provider to individuals and businesses in need of graphic design, website design, buying services, personal assistants, writing services and much more.

Alma is the owner of VI Music Jamz, LLC. a promotions company that has held many concerts and productions to include Bunny Wailer, Live in concert, an annual Local talent expo, 2003 talent expo/seminar which brought in music execs from sony music, trackmasters & MTV to listen and possibly sign local talent.

Alma also works at the Legislature of the Virgin Islands where she served during 23rd – 32nd Legislature
es for two senators and now as a computer specialist within the MIS Division.

In 2002 Alma met her now husband, Gilbert “Pugito” Heyliger.  They were married in 2004.  On December 22, 2010, Alma and her family was dealt another devastating blow with the still unsolved murder of her brother Preston Antonia Francis.

This lost left two young children without a parent.  Alma without hesitation decided to become their legal guardian and provide for them as if they were her own thus adding motherhood to her resume, which has proven to be most fulfilling.  Alma has vowed to do all she can to make the Virgin Islands a better place not just for her brother’s children but for all the People of the Virgin Islands.

From 2013-2015, Alma took an unpaid leave of absence from the Legislature of the Virgin Islands to manage AMG Radio Station Group.

She has been a radio talk show for the past 18 years, most recently In da Morning on 107.9 FM DaVybe, AMVI on Radio 1000 am and The Alma Show on 107.3 FM.  Alma enjoys using these mediums to share information with the public on the many things that go on in the community.  She is the past-president of the CAHS Class of 91, she is a founding member of Intrigue Carnival Troupe, President of the Independent Citizens Movement Party, a member of the St. Thomas Ad Club, Crime Stoppers USVI, The East End Lions Club, and Rotary of St. Thomas II.

Alma is a sister, an aunt, a friend, a wife and now mother.  She comes from a long family tree to include the Rabsatt, Lettsome, Thomas, Skelton, Stout, Sprauve, Francis, DeFreitas and Heyliger’s.  And granted at times she is a force to be reckoned with, all in all,  Alma is just a kind young woman who enjoys nourishing her soul with all the things she has learned on her journey through life.