• Greater Governmental Transparency

  • Creation of an Office of Compliance & Collections to focus on contract enforcement, compliance of laws and collections of outstanding debt

  • Re-organization of Government for greater productivity

  • Serious implementation of austerity measure to cut costs

  • Mirror the Attorney General after the Inspector General via the VI Code
  • Enforcement of current laws as it relates to transparency online of Public Fund expenditures
  •  Focus on promoting our Culture as a source of revenue generation

  •  Pursue potential investment into Airline Company. (Virgin Islands Airways)

  •  Offer volunteer leave of absence and/or volunteer furloughs to government employees

  • Create a marketing campaign to attract more businesses to the VI
  • Stop the financial bleeding and hold elected/appointed officials accountable for money mismanagement
  • Focus on tourist-based expansion as a source of revenue generation
  • Create a Grant writing office/division so that we can streamline the potential funds.
  • Create a marketing campaign that can showcase our $100 million dollar broadband system for business use
  •  Place teachers on pay raise step

  •  Overhaul of the Education Department so that more funds go directly to students

  •  Expand cultural and agricultural programs in school

  •  Implement daily pledge to respect, protect and preserve humanity

  •  Enforce the law by having Civics being taught in school
  •  Implementation of Conflict resolution as part of the curriculum
Public Safety
  •  Pursue the convictions of white collar crimes more aggressively

  •  Grant funding for patrol officers around the community

  • Develop (911) texting system for crime reporting

  • An improvement as it pertains to public and police relations
  • Provide funding for forensic lab based on current law
  • Greater support for programs such as Crime Stoppers
  • Identify funds and/or grants for trailer scanners to be utilized at our ports
  • Health Care for All Virgin Islanders

  • Secure funding for the creation of cost-effective health centers

  •  Re-negotiation of current government insurance coverage

  •  Focus on mental health assisted programs

  •  Improvement/Enforcement of truancy laws

  •  Create a prevention before prison program

  •  Stop talking about a building a trade school just do it.

  • Creation of a mentoring program that matches businesses with students
  • The pursuit of cost-effective elder care programs

  • Creation of a mentoring program that pairs individuals with a senior citizen
  • Creation of Adult living community on a grand scale
  • Creation of pertinent programs to assist Seniors on a fixed income
  • Meaningful enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Tax relief for those who help care for their disabled family members
  • Improve access to meaningful, gainful employment for people with disabilities.
  • Focus on the creation of a viable Land & Water Use Plan

  • Amendment of some current environmental laws for greater effectiveness
  • Focus on Government paying their portion of the funds given to GERS being done on time

  • Build revenue generated sources so that funds can be given to infuse the system
  • Funding provided for training for both Private and Public sector Education for Preparing for Retirement
  • Investment in the Upgrade and further Development of Havensight mall to increase the revenue for the system